Cisco Commerce Workspace for your e-commerce experience

When it comes to networking, security and BYOD approach, Cisco Systems absolutely proved itself worth as one of prime vendors of variety of products and services related to this matter. Governmental agencies and structures, huge corporations, educational institutions, just like small businesses along with medium-sized enterprises selected this multinational company providing individual solutions for each of them. To make the whole experience faster and user-friendly, the tech company developed the fabulous feature of interacting with customers, which is called Cisco Commerce Workspace.

This single service made all commerce operations and transactions much easier, because it’s totally web-based, meaning that you can access it anywhere as long as the connection is provided. And you may also expect that further collaboration between enterprises and customers will become smooth with such functionality.

Cisco Commerce Workspace


Basic features of Cisco’s e-commerce platform

You only have to log in into the platform accessible through a browser in order to discover all the highlights of Cisco Commerce Workspace. What will you find among its strong and unique points? First of all, this year the company provided a new feature of requesting estimations instead of configsets, suggesting collections of services and products before purchasing the ready pre-configured solution.

There are also several ways to register any deals, and quotes are covered too, including a plethora of possible promotions and programs for application. Therefore, after registering as a partner and using a workspace login, you may get custom discounts too, as suggested by Cisco’s interpretation of the term “deal”, according to your qualification in the system.

You will obtain the ability of managing the deals and further exchanges between providers and customers completely virtually. No more delays with the reduced number of calls and email correspondence with long-established buyers. This tool definitely helps to streamline the B2B commerce operation, but see that process with matchless IT infrastructure for yourself.


Proceeding, tracking and delivery of orders in Cisco Commerce Workspace

Through the instrumentality of this system, you’ll be able to order directly in case if special pricing isn’t applied, except reusable discounts (you just need to type their ID when making your standalone order). But if your order needs a particular quote as prerequisite for approval, you’ll have to wait before proceeding and finalizing your selection as usual. Order payment may provide PO line references for electronic invoicing, that can be also set in preferences via smart accounts.

Shipping methods are offered in three styles, besides standard and premium, there is also an express option. Software and licenses can be delivered both digitally or physically, in compliance with the customer’s preferred options. Tracking of orders and return feature are covered too.

Cisco Commerce Workspace cuts your expenditure of time and expenses if you integrate with this service, and you may discover more examples of such collaboration in various fields requiring building networks with noticeable capacity and security based on latest technologies.